About the Radioshow Host
Prof. Jill Carey Michaels is a humorist, singer/songwriter, artist and author who performs stories and songs from her true life adventures; captivating audiences with a striking wit and melodic tunes. Her entertaining, guitar slinging, multimedia one woman shows are based on material from her offbeat illustrated poetry book collection and "Tellingtales" radioshow.
To learn more about Jill visit http://www.jillcareymichaels.com

Jill travels throughout local towns and counties to writer's nights, open mics and theater spaces; exploring the nooks and crannies, gin joint haunts that creative folks flock to. Then she invites a talented writer to share a favorite story and chat one on one. What she discovers in these inspired moments is a gem of a tale.

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"Cool show!
There is something so pure and organic about a writer reading thier work.Thank you so much for doing what you do."
- David Krajicek of The New York Daily News

"Comical, edgy, insightful and downright funny...Some of the many words used to describe, not only the writing of Jill Carey, but the woman herself. Her storytelling and songs grab you and before you know it, the night is over and you want more."
- Gary Whickham of NPR Morning Show Review

"Enter into Jill Carey Michaels world of poetry, music, and animation to experience an amazing evening via the artistry of a multi-talented performer." - Roxbury

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